Takoma Park, DC Real Estate

Located east of the northernmost point in D.C., in the Northwest quadrant, Takoma, DC is a neighborhood that is often confused with its Maryland neighbor, Takoma Park.

The boundary confusion can be tracked back to the neighborhood's founder, Benjamin F. Gilbert, who decided to ignore jurisdictional lines and expand the neighborhood over the D.C. – Maryland border. The community of Takoma sprawled over 100 acres and included a small portion of the B&O Railroad. Takoma residents were originally reliant on the B&O railroad to move goods and travel.

Gilbert advertised Takoma as a neighborhood located above swampy Washington City, one that offered fresh air and clean water. This explains how Takoma received its name; Takoma originates from the Native American word meaning “high up, near heaven.”

Quality of Life:

Today the neighborhood of Takoma surrounds the red line Metro station with older Victorian and Sears’s style homes with large yards to complement the architecture. Within this primarily residential neighborhood is also a commercial district that is a short walk from of the center of town.

Takoma is an active neighborhood with plenty to do and several events throughout the year. Residents enjoy Takoma Park Day, the Annual Takoma Antique and Classic Car Show and the Takoma Park Street Festival. Residents also have a weekly farmers’ market for fresh local food, and have access to the Takoma Aquatic Center for recreational activities.

Takoma is also home to several restaurants, including the popular Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria, which almost everyone in Takoma knows is named after a rooster who once roamed the streets.

Getting Around:

Takoma’s primary form of public transportation is its red line Takoma Metro station. It also has frequent bus access if you are not looking for Metro service.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 10 miles
Washington-Dulles International Airport:  < 30 miles
Baltimore-Washington International Airport:  < 35 miles



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